Final Seminar of Novedar_Consolider Project

(14/11/2013) The Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid, was the place chosen to organise the final Seminar of Novedar_Consolider Project: Implementation of Innovative Technologies for the wastewater and sludge treatment.


In this occasion, about 150 attendants, belonging mostly to the water sector, have participated actively in a very intensive working day. A total of 25 speakers from the 11 research groups that integrate the Project, have presented successfully their goals and results.

Along these years, Novedar_Consolider project has developed 16 new patents, published 350 articles in scientific international journals and edited 11 books. In the frame of academic research, this project has supported 16 PhD students to reach their Doctoral Thesis.
Also several technologies for waste water, sludge and odour treatment have been set up, from which around 15 have been scaled up to a pilot level and installed at industrial sites.

The Novedar_Consolider Project has also allowed to organise very important activities such as 3 International Congresses sponsored by the International Water Association (IWA): Watermatex in San Sebastián, Water&Industry in Valladolid and ecoSTP in Santiago de Compostela. All of them were counted with a very high participation.

Concerning the training activities, the Project has permitted to organise 10 Summer Schools mainly oriented to PhD students who wanted to achieve a higher degree of specialisation in the respective fields, apart from 17 specialised courses and 5 technical workshops oriented to companies of the Water sector.

Even though officially the Novedar_Consolider Project has come to his end, the essence of the project will keep on going in an European Network. The COST action water2020 (, coordinated by the same Novedar_Consolider leading institution, is already working with members from 27 countries.

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